Flash EPCS64 system

The error1 during flashing into EPCS using FPGA board, could not find the epcs register.

  1. This problem comes from EPCS flash controller had its RESET connected to the main Clk_Reset , but not to the JTAG_Reset : so i rebuilt in QSys after having connected the EPCS controller to the JTAG_Reset of NiosII
  2. In my project, I use Qsys> system >Great Global Reset Network to assent the EPCS and other NiosII componts.
  3. The SDRAM S1 port, should connect to both data_master and Instrument_master

In Nios II, when we flashing the EPCS, “No EPCS layout data”

This is because there is no EPCS layout information in the system, we should let the NIOS know the EPCS layout setup.

[EPCS-202011] # EPCS1N (lead-free)
sector_size = 32768
sector_count = 4
[EPCS-202013] # EPCS4N (lead-free)
sector_size = 65536
sector_count = 8
[EPCS-202015] #
EPCS16N (lead-free)
sector_size = 65536
sector_count = 32

[EPCS-010216] #EPCS64N(lead-free)
sector_size = 65536
sector_count = 128

[EPCS-202017] # EPCS64N (lead-free)
sector_size = 65536
sector_count = 128

[EPCS-012018] #EPCS128N(lead-free)
sector_size = 262144
sector_count = 64

Create a folder under the Nios2eds>bin

a document “nios2-flash-override.txt”


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